Quality, a word that is thrown around a lot in the manufacturing industry. Many companies talk about quality but few ever produce, enter VSR. VSR industries has been providing quality gaming solutions for OEMs and casino operators all over the world for over 40 years. Quality is the key, at VSR we strive daily to put quality into every facet of our business. Whether that is our lock products, sheet metal products or our newest venture, Gaming Cabinets. You can rest assured that if it is manufactured by VSR it is a high quality product, made with high quality material and it will be produced and serviced by quality people.

One source. One complete solution.

Established in 1969, VSR Industries has grown from a simple locksmith operation into a full-scale 200,000sqft. manufacturing facility, with over 280 employees across the globe. While VSR Industries has been in operation for 5 decades, we have maintained a focus on customer satisfaction and quality of product, and we are proud to say that all manufacturing is done in house here in the United States which allows us to control every aspect of what becomes your final product. No other company in our industry can make this claim. From design to manufacturing, to sales and installation—it all happens here.